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Posted: March 7th, 2013

Safe shisha: Hottest new smoking crazes go healthy
…and celebs can’t get enough

Posted: October 10th, 2012, The Daily Mail

Smoking shisha has become one of the trendiest new activities among the hip fashionable young crowd in the UK. 

But smoking the flavoured tobacco for just an hour through a waterpipe, a tradition that originated in the Middle East, has been revealed to be more harmful than having 100 cigarettes. 

Now there is a hot new alternative for smokers who still want to indulge in the trendy pastime while staying healthy and still looking cool.

eShish is the hot and trendy way to look cool and stay healthy

Daniele Owen and Made in Chelsea's Natalie love them too, they are a subtle and stylish way to smoke shisha

eShish has been developed to create a safer shisha experience in a fashionable yet discreet personal device - and is now the top choice for everyone from celebrities to club goers to older smokers.

Former Miss England Laura Coleman is a huge fan as well as London born singer and rapper L Marshall, who has also written hits for JLS and Kelis.

The experience of using an eShish e-cigarette is so similar to smoking the traditional Turkish waterpipe, that an Arab tycoon recently bought 50,000 units and described the product as: 'Better tasting than shisha.'

Bobby and Charlie from The Only Way is Essex light up with their eShish's

eShish is actually a colourful, disposable, non-nicotine e-cig with a signature diamond tip, available in apple, grape, strawberry, peach and blueberry flavours. 

All these flavours are so spot-on they allow the serious shisha user to enjoy a much safer and healthier alternative but without sacrificing the distinct flavours and aromas - as shisha tobacco is flavoured with fruit molasses such as apple and strawberry, so the residual redolent smoke is sweet. 

The eShish Electronic Shisha Cigarette 500 is a revolutionary no nicotine, no tar, no tobacco, first of its kind electronic shisha cigarette.

Hugo from Made in Chelsea and his friends enjoy the new healthy option

It is portable, disposable and has the amazing fruit flavours for an average of 500 puffs per e-cig. 

This electronic shisha cigarette is ready to use allowing smokers to comfortably and legally smoke indoors, and doesn't contain nicotine or the 4000 chemicals you would usually get in a normal cigarette, making it a healthier alternative to smoking a cigarette or shisha. 

eShish has been developed by Vapelux Ltd in the hope of attracting the attention of the 600,000 plus users of e-cigs in the UK. 

Since its launch just a few months ago, many smokers have been buying up eShish stock in the thousands and using them legally in hotels, nightclubs, casinos and even airports where regular smoking is banned. 

Daniele from the Dolly Rockers made a cool photo
montage of her with eShish

Singer L Marshall is a huge fan

Nick Roman, Commercial Manager of Vapelux said: 'eShish really is a phenomenon. Never before has an electronic device like this caused such an immediate and positive impact, not just with shisha users, but with anyone that has become a little bored with standard e-cig flavours and their repetitive quit smoking messages. 

'eShish is a luxury, stylish product with mass appeal. We have accumulated over 300 retail accounts and on average, our flagship product sells five times faster than all e-cig products and all at a highly-competitive price. 

eShish can be purchased at leading outlets including the famous Knightsbridge store Harrods, as well as The Ritz Hotel, Partridges of Sloane Square, various nightclubs around the country and online with

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