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Make quick and easy money through your favourite social media sites!

Do you love Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or Youtube? Then earn money doing what you love the most; documenting your life! Our unique affiliate program allows you to generate a great income, by having fun with your camera on your favourite sites. Here's how it works:

Earn 50% of all the profit made on each Eshish product sold through your Affiliate URL

The Eshishin Affiliate Program is the ultimate way to make quick and easy money by promoting a product you love through your favourite social media sites. All you need to do is promote Eshishin by posting photos and videos of you and/or your friends smoking Eshish on your favourite social media platforms, using them to generate a buzz about the product and gather more followers.

Attach your Affiliate URL to all of your posts, pictures and videos and you will be able to track how many sales of Eshish are generated through your link by selecting my account, then selecting visit affiliate page. You receive 50% of all profits made on Eshish products bought through your link so the more you promote, the more you make!

And, as an added bonus, if you know other people interested in our Affiliate Program then get them to sign up too and you'll earn yourself more money based on how many sales they generate. As long as they sign up for the Affiliate Program through your Affiliate URL, they'll automatically become your Sub-Affiliate and begin earning you money, without detracting from anyone's sales!

We have developed the tools you need...

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