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Electronic Shisha: Your Tobacco Free E Cigarette


Eshishin is proud to introduce the first of its kind - a nicotine and tobacco free e cigarette, Eshish! These electronic shisha sticks contain zero harmful chemicals, smells, or toxins. They are the world’s first portable electronic shisha smoking device. People all over the UK and beyond are raving about the great tasting flavor and some even say they taste better than traditional shisha! Available in several flavours and colours, our shisha pens have celebrities and the public alike charmed with this irresistible trend.


Give Up Traditional Smoking with Harmless No Nicotine Cigarette


We all know that nicotine is highly addictive and that the other chemicals in cigarettes can lead to many harmful diseases and/or death. Eshish offers zero risk of nicotine or other type of smoking related addictions and can assist in quitting the habit of smoking cigarettes all together. Stop subjecting your body to dangerous chemicals and start Eshishin!


Eshishin, or the act of smoking Eshish, is the trendiest alternative for any kind of smoker looking for a new hip way to smoke indoors and out. Our shisha sticks are discrete and sexy, come in various bright colors, and have a signature glowing diamond tip. Each Eshish within a multipack will last up to 300 puffs (or 500 puffs for singles) and is available in many enjoyable flavours including apple, strawberry, grape, blueberry, peach, French vanilla, bubblegum, and cappuccino!

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